The role of washing of Qingdao pattern aluminium sheet

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  The washing function of pattern aluminium sheet is that pattern aluminium sheet is a high expectation commodity. The use of water washing in the operation process has a good effect on maintenance and prolongation of service life. Different washing methods bring different effects. Let's briefly understand the role of cleaning in pattern aluminium sheet. And the importance.
he role of washing of Qingdao pattern aluminium sheet
  Cleaning effect of aluminium sheet.
  First of all, chemical polishing and cleaning, in order to wash out the chemical composition of the appearance of the aluminum plate, it is best to use active water to avoid sticky preparation without boiling.
  Secondly, in addition to cleaning after oil, removing oil stain on the surface of pattern aluminium plate can minimize the effect of oil stain on the appearance of the product.
  Thirdly, before and after cleaning, there are some preparations on the sleeping bag. The demand for some corrosives has an effect on the pattern function of aluminium sheet.
  Different scouring methods have different effects on the appearance of aluminium sheet, but if the washing is not clean, it will cause serious corrosion to the product, so it can not be ignored to alleviate.