Ultra-flat Aluminum Plate

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Qingdao Zhongwang Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd., the first brand manufacturer of high-precision and super-flat plate in China, shocked to launch a new high-level product "High-precision and super-flat aluminium plate", 6061AA, 5052, 5083AA, flatness of 0.1/(that is, very flat), thickness of 3.0-40, the world's leading rank, replacing part of milling machines and machined parts.
The main characteristics of ultra-flat aluminium sheet are as follows:
1. Surface polishing above 400 mesh, customers can directly oxidize, wash-free surface;
2. Small deformation, superior to ordinary T651, minimal internal stress, resulting from excellent heat treatment and quenching process;
3. The maximum standard thickness tolerance is equivalent to - 0.0, +0.05 mm imported plates from Germany, Japan and Taiwan.
4. Undertake processing drawings, from base material production cutting machine processing anodic oxidation packaging out of the factory, complete product chain, save money and worry for you.
Mainly used in precision machinery and equipment, medical equipment, fixture, precision parts processing, aerospace, electronic instruments and so on.
Thickness: 3.0-40.0 mm
Width: less than 2200 mm
Length: less than 6m
                            Ultra-flat Aluminum Plate